The Secrets of Desire & the Pain of Denial

Gaslighting On the kitchen stoveLocated at Denial Central,A place with many namesAnd many faces,Although none of them kind. Standing under the flickering lightI realize I am not home.But where am I?Why am I here? Locked away at this station? If there is a lock, isn't there a key? I know I have to have a … Continue reading The Secrets of Desire & the Pain of Denial


Life is senselessly sensing. Eyes are seemingly seeing. Minds are mindlessly mentioning The bittersweet revenge of nature's curse. Go ahead and keep drinking while the world waits and listens."We don't need you here anymore."What good is a man when he's already dead? We punish the punished. We beat the beaten. "When will it be enough?""Never," … Continue reading Confusion