The Struggle is Real

Lost in thoughtsLost in feelings.This world is on fireAnd my heart has been burningThis whole time. Tell me again how you think "Nature lovers are hot,"When I'm crying against a treeBeing cutAnd cutAnd cutTo build this fake suburban worldWith a clicking countdown clock. It's hard loving the treesThe birdsAnd the bees When you are surrounded … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

Distractions, Distractions

My distractions become my curseAs I hurdle over life's burdens,Stumbles,And falls. I bury myself under layers ofComfort,Sin,Self pity,And remorseAll the while hating myself,Not healing myself,Not holding myselfTo a Higher Standard of Love. My distractions become my cure Once I see things for how they really are,Like admitting how my distractions Bury me deeper from my … Continue reading Distractions, Distractions

The Sorrow of Food Elimination Diets

I have suffered for most of my life with extreme gastrointestinal distress, swollen appendages, migraines, muscle pain, joint pain, and chronic inflammation. Now, mind you.. not all the time. I had what I called "Flare-Ups" once I eliminated gluten from my diet. Whenever I would deal with really bad gluten contamination, like accidentally eating a … Continue reading The Sorrow of Food Elimination Diets