Distractions, Distractions

My distractions become my curseAs I hurdle over life's burdens,Stumbles,And falls. I bury myself under layers ofComfort,Sin,Self pity,And remorseAll the while hating myself,Not healing myself,Not holding myselfTo a Higher Standard of Love. My distractions become my cure Once I see things for how they really are,Like admitting how my distractions Bury me deeper from my … Continue reading Distractions, Distractions

I Am Good Enough (Healing from PTSD)

I'm waiting For the fight.The screamingThe slamming The crash against the wall..But he doesn't. He doesn't yell.He doesn't scream.He doesn't shout.He only loves me.I wake up To him pissed off,And I clench in fear. Waiting..Waiting..For something worseBut he only gives me that lookLike I should have known better,And I did.I am an adult. But where's … Continue reading I Am Good Enough (Healing from PTSD)

What It’s Like Being Raped

While I was sitting there on the phone trying to set up a therapy appointment after calling various organizations, I had a sudden realization. I have been avoiding this.. this confrontation with myself. Cuddled up in my pajamas watching old anime shows. I'm just distracting myself from the pain and panic that occured yesterday. I … Continue reading What It’s Like Being Raped