Life is senselessly sensing. Eyes are seemingly seeing. Minds are mindlessly mentioning The bittersweet revenge of nature's curse. Go ahead and keep drinking while the world waits and listens. "We don't need you here anymore." What good is a man when he's already dead? We punish the punished. We beat the beaten. "When will it … Continue reading Confusion


Often times we find ourselves in the grip of a love we can only savor, and never truly touch. It's the type of love that romance novels and movies are based off of. The type that has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation, clinging to a semi-used tissue. The reality is, this … Continue reading Untitled

What Happened When My Husband Caught COVID-19

My story is like many others. It doesn't end in a tragic death or hospitalization. Instead it ends in financial destitute, fear, and uncertainty. It began with common symptoms: head cold, short of breath, and fatigue. We had to make sure it wasn't COVID-19, for the safety of our coworkers. We both swore it couldn't … Continue reading What Happened When My Husband Caught COVID-19

What It’s Like Being Raped

While I was sitting there on the phone trying to set up a therapy appointment after calling various organizations, I had a sudden realization. I have been avoiding this.. this confrontation with myself. Cuddled up in my pajamas watching old anime shows. I'm just distracting myself from the pain and panic that occured yesterday. I … Continue reading What It’s Like Being Raped