It’s Time to Grow Up

You know what's really funny?Running from your fateTo find yourselfWanderingRight into it's place... I'll be damnedIf I let myself fall And waller in this pit I'm in.It's time to get outAnd greet the rising sun.It's time to give inAnd let go Of all my fears,My worries,The doubt and concern. I'll never make itIf I keep … Continue reading It’s Time to Grow Up

The Secrets of Desire & the Pain of Denial

Gaslighting On the kitchen stoveLocated at Denial Central,A place with many namesAnd many faces,Although none of them kind. Standing under the flickering lightI realize I am not home.But where am I?Why am I here? Locked away at this station? If there is a lock, isn't there a key? I know I have to have a … Continue reading The Secrets of Desire & the Pain of Denial

What It’s Like Being Raped

While I was sitting there on the phone trying to set up a therapy appointment after calling various organizations, I had a sudden realization. I have been avoiding this.. this confrontation with myself. Cuddled up in my pajamas watching old anime shows. I'm just distracting myself from the pain and panic that occured yesterday. I … Continue reading What It’s Like Being Raped