It’s Time to Grow Up

You know what's really funny?Running from your fateTo find yourselfWanderingRight into it's place... I'll be damnedIf I let myself fall And waller in this pit I'm in.It's time to get outAnd greet the rising sun.It's time to give inAnd let go Of all my fears,My worries,The doubt and concern. I'll never make itIf I keep … Continue reading It’s Time to Grow Up


Blurring Lines

Hiding my mindAverting my eyes,Darting back and forth Between the lines Of hopelessness and youth Of glory and shame.When will this derangement end? Sickness spreads sicknessWealth spreads wealth.Gains accumulate Until all others have ceased. Gain, gain, gain Consume, consume, consume. Madness begets madness In this race to win.What are we really winningWhen everyone is dead? … Continue reading Blurring Lines

Finishing a Project? Not Right Now.

Fall is a season of Forgetting Things,And then remembering unnecessary,Minute,Insignificant detailsTo projects not due until March.Here it is MarchAnd I'm finally finishing this poem! If only I could poignantly enchant you with my own misery,But that's not what this is about. These words are my light hearted sigh, A tip of the hatTo what all … Continue reading Finishing a Project? Not Right Now.

I Am Good Enough (Healing from PTSD)

I'm waiting For the fight.The screamingThe slamming The crash against the wall..But he doesn't. He doesn't yell.He doesn't scream.He doesn't shout.He only loves me.I wake up To him pissed off,And I clench in fear. Waiting..Waiting..For something worseBut he only gives me that lookLike I should have known better,And I did.I am an adult. But where's … Continue reading I Am Good Enough (Healing from PTSD)