I’m Not There Anymore

The crushing weight of terror,The quickly heaving chest,The bitter tears,The endless rage,The lack of control,The lack of function,The inability to love myself fully,The confusion of my yelling,The triggered trauma,The past abuse,The sorrow inside me,The suffocating truth. I am not there anymore. As I sit at the windowWatching the rain drip down from the roof,I know … Continue reading I’m Not There Anymore


Often times we find ourselves in the grip of a love we can only savor, and never truly touch. It's the type of love that romance novels and movies are based off of. The type that has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation, clinging to a semi-used tissue. The reality is, this … Continue reading Untitled

Lack of Gumption

It dawned on me while I was driving today that our society in the United States has a massive lack of gumption. Why you ask? Well, let's define the word first. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, gumption means "the ability to decide what is the best thing to do in a particular situation, and to do it with energy and determination." Simply put, Merriam-Webster calls it … Continue reading Lack of Gumption