An Ode to Nudity

Why must I wear pants outside my door? 

Will I ever be able to be comfortable in clothes?

When will we stop sexualizing the body so I can get my mail in my panties?

One of these days, I say, we will stand up and agree.
Hiking is better naked
Unless you see horseflies or wasps.
Swimming only feels natural
When my body is not longer confined.
Polyester, linen, cotton, and artificial blends.
It's all so terrible.
Let me live my life! Let me be in the nude! Let my titties hang free, I say!

You have not lived unless you have spent a day naked outside of these four walls.
There's nothing like the joy of realizing every stretch mark, every curve is simply a mirrored echo of the woods.
Your veins are the mycelium networks crawling under your boots.
Your flesh is that of flower petals in the midmorning sun.
Your hairs are the fingerling projections connecting you to the wind. Feel it breathe in.
Feel it breathe out.
How could you so intimately discover your a part of this world when every thing you so is to separate yourself from what you are.

Ditch those denims pants!
Toss aside those yoga tights!
Free your titties, both men and women, and cherish your body.
Cherish your soul.
Cherish your place in this very big world.
We are all children of the Sun.

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