I Am Here

I often forget that I am here in this present moment. I know it sounds odd, but it’s true. I get caught up in my thoughts, my plans, my worries, and I lose sight if where I am.

I am here in this body of flesh and bones. I am feeling hundreds of thousands of sensations, so much so that my consciousness cannot comprehend. There are noises, or vibrations, that I can perceive but cannot hear. I am a piece of a seven billion piece puzzle. I am breathing in oxygen that fuels my cellular respiration. I am an incredible feat of evolution, of life.

Life itself lives to experience life. Life will always live, as death will always command death. We are existing on a world inside a solar system inside a galaxy among countless other galaxies. There is so much life, so much death, and so very much of the in-between that we cannot understand yet.

We are just babies in this intergalactic community, and we are hardly evolved past our primate ancestors. We have so much to learn, so much to begin, so much to shape, and so much to understand. We are infantile, infinitesimal people who believe we can control the world.

Wow, are we wrong. We can hardly control anything, let alone ourselves. Be patient. Be slow. Be compassionate. Be more than what you thought you were capable of.

The world is most certainly not your oyster, but you have hardly cracked the surface of your own inner self. Rejoice in the stupidity of youth, because we are all apart of that. We are all young. We are all incomplete in our completeness. We are all scared, just as much as we are hopeful. Yes, even you, depressive late 20’s young man. Even you have a glimpse, a glimmer of hope. If you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t be living. You wouldn’t be breathing.

You are the embodiment of all that is good, yet all that is bad. You are the raging chaos of the cosmos, the void between atoms. You are everything, yet you are nothing, and you are unique as you are the same.

You are a beautiful creature who gets the chance to live again. Don’t forget, you are here. You are now.

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