Forgotten Poetry

"I no longer wish to love,
But to simply be loved
And be full of love.
Filled to the brim
With your beauty
Your magnificent rays.
I do not wish to love
But to simply be loved
And loved in full.
Why does my heart ache this way?
After years of toil and turmoil
My soul aches to rest
And yet here I am,
Finding myself yearning.
Yearning for you
You and your golden rays.
Fill me,
Delight me,
Tickle me fucking pink.
How did I end up here,
Here in this place?
This awful place
Where cobwebs grow
And intermingle,
With the apple of my eye.
Tainted love they say,
Fallen heart ache,
A broom without the bristles,
A brush without a stroke.
Aching for beauty
Aching for love.
Why must men keep secrets?
Keep agendas so far hidden
Your eyes do despise.
I hate you
I love you
I wish you would die
Die right in front of my eyes
Consuming your last breath
As you whisper goodbye.
Shame, shame, shame
I say.
Shame, shame, shame
Oh the pain.
Shame, shame, shame
To become this way.
So aching
So por
Protruding in the wind
Such slipping hills
Such gentle eyes
I am lost in the sin."
-Misses H.

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