It’s Been a While 2

It’s been a while since I sat down
and allowed myself to think.

“Be more than just your meat suit,” are the words I clearly speak

When I think to myself
of why I’ve been mindlessly rambling on.

“Well.. I’m a Rambling Woman,” I think to myself.

“And I AM more than just my meat suit. I’m chemical reactions, genetic variations. I’m science meeting spiritual. I am more than just myself.”

“I am the birds and the bees. I am in the soil and in the trees. My fate is interwoven with every living being.

I may just be rambling, but I think I’ve found something more. A meaning behind the meaning of everything we call life. I have been pondering, and wishing. I have been hoping and regretting. I have been thrown in the past, present, and future.

I am rediscovering the truth in which I once believed. I am a miracle of miracles. We all are, actually. In this infinite realm of possibilities, the scrambling of scramblings turned me into this. It gave you that face, your hair, and even your eyes. It gave the bird her wings and taught her how to fly.

In the meaning of meaningful, it’s easy to become meaningless. Meaning to find meaning, but melting your sensibilities. Melting away into the puddle of infinite, losing your mind.. losing your sense.

Well.. isn’t that called irony?

Finding meaning in the meaningless menial things of life, like the sprouting of a single seed or the glistening of morning dew. Inspirationally inspiring the inner desire to drive forward are the little wonders of the world.

Look outside. Learn how to grow. Watch how to dive. Learn how to drive yourself forward without trying to creep back.




And grow.

This is what I have been pondering…

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