I’m Not There Anymore

The crushing weight of terror,The quickly heaving chest,The bitter tears,The endless rage,The lack of control,The lack of function,The inability to love myself fully,The confusion of my yelling,The triggered trauma,The past abuse,The sorrow inside me,The suffocating truth. I am not there anymore. As I sit at the windowWatching the rain drip down from the roof,I know … Continue reading I’m Not There Anymore

What Happened When My Husband Caught COVID-19

My story is like many others. It doesn't end in a tragic death or hospitalization. Instead it ends in financial destitute, fear, and uncertainty. It began with common symptoms: head cold, short of breath, and fatigue. We had to make sure it wasn't COVID-19, for the safety of our coworkers. We both swore it couldn't … Continue reading What Happened When My Husband Caught COVID-19