The Other Day..

The look upon your faceWhen you told me"It's as if you have one foot out the door,"Rattled me.It rattled me to the core.At first I wanted to deny,But I know I cannot hide from the truth.Yes. You were right. All these years I've been waiting,Just waiting for somebody To come here and pluck me away. … Continue reading The Other Day..

It’s Been a While

Let me say helloAs the New Dawn risesAnd the Chaos subsides.Where was my mindFor all these years? Locked away,Hidden out of sight,Crying from Rage and Injustice.Now it's time to try again.To Win the Big Fight,To Finish the Race. Let's say hello To me. To the real meWho's come out of hidingAnd is most certainly ready … Continue reading It’s Been a While

They Eat the Mother

We are the WitchesThe Witches Brew. Melting, molding, shaping togetherInfinitesimal miniscule specks of dust Into MagickBeautyChaosPain. We swirl inwardAnd outward,We shape the dust. We turn nothingness Into everythingAnd everythingInto nothingness. We are the bridgesOf Land and WaterStars and Dust.If we cannot CreateWe will DestroyEverything.Absolutely everythingAs if we created a negative spaceThat becomes a vacuum When … Continue reading They Eat the Mother

Distractions, Distractions

My distractions become my curseAs I hurdle over life's burdens,Stumbles,And falls. I bury myself under layers ofComfort,Sin,Self pity,And remorseAll the while hating myself,Not healing myself,Not holding myselfTo a Higher Standard of Love. My distractions become my cure Once I see things for how they really are,Like admitting how my distractions Bury me deeper from my … Continue reading Distractions, Distractions

Blurring Lines

Hiding my mindAverting my eyes,Darting back and forth Between the lines Of hopelessness and youth Of glory and shame.When will this derangement end? Sickness spreads sicknessWealth spreads wealth.Gains accumulate Until all others have ceased. Gain, gain, gain Consume, consume, consume. Madness begets madness In this race to win.What are we really winningWhen everyone is dead? … Continue reading Blurring Lines

Finishing a Project? Not Right Now.

Fall is a season of Forgetting Things,And then remembering unnecessary,Minute,Insignificant detailsTo projects not due until March.Here it is MarchAnd I'm finally finishing this poem! If only I could poignantly enchant you with my own misery,But that's not what this is about. These words are my light hearted sigh, A tip of the hatTo what all … Continue reading Finishing a Project? Not Right Now.